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SUNDAY, August 19, 2018

Walking with the Buddha

For the past few years, Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum has been making consistent efforts on social education. Each year, the Buddha Museum holds several...More

SUNDAY, August 19, 2018

Far Away Homeland

As time goes by, the memory of our childhood homes blurs and fades. The artist Xiao Peng has dedicated thirty years of his life to art. Each stroke fr...More

SUNDAY, August 19, 2018

Shape Human Love

The Artist, Chang, always ponders about how fragile and powerless a human being is in this world. His artwork is a reminder to people to make use of j...More

SUNDAY, August 19, 2018

The Universe in Nirvana

Why did I create Nirvana? That is the most common question I have been asked, and something I need to face in the future. The difficulty of this quest...More

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