Exhibition Venue: Main Hall Gallery 4
Exhibition Dates: 2017-08-05 ~ 2017-09-17

The artist, Willow Wu, has been using the movement of jellyfish as an inspiration for his artworks. This unique source of inspiration has allowed him to be noticed internationally. His paintings are full of abstract jellyfish imagery created from bright colors and flowing lines. The artwork from each period shows his strength, passion and boldness.

Wu’s paintings are diverse as he pursues themes such as the unusual, the truth, fantasy, the mysterious and other contemporary thoughts. His Jellyfish series are filled with elements from Expressionism, utilising techniques such as splashing and dripping paint. In the painting “The Throb of Life,” the body of the woman which is full of emotion merges seamlessly with the jellyfish around her. In the “Our Earth Series,” the application of contrasting red and blue colors reveals the subtle relationship between earth and life. His Space and Cosmos Series probes into the Big Bang and the void beyond the Black Hole. Through the “Cursive Series,” Wu utilizes ink to leave wavy impressions on the canvas. His use of postmodern techniques to mold and distort his characters leaves those looking for contemporary beauty a sense of freshness.

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