When Nature Plucks the Heartstrings
Exhibition Venue: Main Hall Gallery 1
Exhibition Dates: 2017-09-16 ~ 2017-12-25

Wen-jung Hsu, one of the few artists who garnered a Ten Outstanding Young Persons award, will display his art at the Buddha Museum. His medium spans from water ink paintings to sculptures. His unique style is shown through his use of sculpture to portray the lines that make up a calligraphic piece.

The transformation of cursive script into sculpture breaks the boundary that was set by two dimensional artworks such as paintings, calligraphy and poems. The flowing lines of the written script join to form the border, while also integrating the poetry, calligraphy and artistic concept. Before, one can only imagine what the artist is trying to portray but here, it is presented in 3D form.

Hsu’s ink wash paintings are diverse in style with a few large-sized pieces on exhibit. There are also a few paintings utilizing Chinese words as a base, such as “Chan” and “Pure Land,” then building the rest of the painting based on this theme.

*Opening Ceremony
Date and Time: 23rd Sep 2017 2PM
Venue: Main Hall Art Gallery 1