International Book Fair and Vegetarian Expo
Exhibition Venue: Buddha Museum
Exhibition Dates: 2017-11-04 ~ 2017-11-12

This year, the Buddha Museum will have brand new experiences for visitors to enjoy during the International Book Fair and Vegetarian Expo.
1) Sutra-drying Ceremony - precious sutras and scriptures will be laid out on tables under the sun at the Bodhi Wisdom Concourse. A ceremony will take place while the papers are dried.
2) Sutra Calligraphy - copy calligraphy with numerous people in the Sutra Calligraphy Hall. The hall will be opened during this time so everyone can go in and experience calligraphy writing.
3) Tea and Ch'an - experience drinking tea with a thousand people at the Bodhi Wisdom Concourse.
4) Reading Out Scriptures - imagine a thousand children all reciting a poem in the Great Enlightenment Auditorium.
5) Mongolian Cultural Experience - experience what it is like to be inside a Mongolian tent.
6) Instead of just listening to a lecture, why not drink tea with the lecturer while doing so.