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International Museum Day 2018
Exhibition Venue: Buddha Museum
Exhibition Dates: 2018-05-18 ~ 2018-05-18
The International Museum Day (IMD) falls on May 18th. This year, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) has chosen the theme “Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, new publics.” It is interesting how each museum attracts new publics through new approaches and how to keep up with this hyperconnected world.

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum was established in commemoration of the Buddha. When the Buddha Museum was still under construction, Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the founder of the Buddha Museum, has come up with design to combine modern technology with Buddhist culture. The following are the specially selected attractions that coincide with this year’s IMD.

Let us travel through the Buddha’s time!
The 4D animation at the Life of the Buddha Museum will bring one back to the Buddha’s time and have a quick understanding about the life of the Buddha!

The complex of Buddha Museum as a Buddhist encyclopedia
One can find the Buddhist symbols in everywhere at the Buddha Museum through the white elephants and lions out of the Front Hall, the Eight Pagodas, stone sculptures, and the Main Hall in Indian style. How many do you know?

An ecological journey of the Buddha’s time
There are so many plants related to the Buddha such as Bodhi Trees, Asoka Trees, Golden Lotus Banana, Datura, and etc. Have you seen them before?

Hyperconnected to the Buddha: Selfies with the Eight Great Events
The Eight Great Events are the major occurrences during the Buddha’s life. In tune with this year’s theme, the Buddha Museum has come up with the activity “Hyperconnected to the Buddha: Selfies with the Eight Great Events.” Take selfies at all eight designated spots to win a statuette of Prince Siddhartha.

When all 8 spots have been visited and the pictures posted on facebook, visitors can go to the Front Hall and Main Hall receptions to exchange their hard work for a gift.

The 8 spots can be found here:

Spot 1: Entering the Womb – White Elephant (Front Hall)
Spot 2: Birth – Ashoka Tree (Twin Pavilions)
Spot 3: Renunciation – Historical Museum of Fo Guang Shan (Main Hall 1F)
Spot 4: Cultivation – Great Photo Terrace
Spot 5: Defeating Mara – Eight Pagodas Bodhi Tree
Spot 6: First Turning of the Dharma Wheel – Four Noble Truths Stupas (Main Hall 3F)
Spot 7: Teaching the Dharma – Stories of the Buddha (Covered Walkways)
Spot 8: Parinirvana – Museum of the Life of the Buddha (Main Hall 1F)