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Freshness and Elegance
Exhibition Venue: Main Hall Gallery 1
Exhibition Dates: 2018-06-06 ~ 2018-07-01
During the Qing dynasty, Yangzhou was a place where scholars from all over the country gather. With its special shape, the fan is favored by both calligraphers and artists, and is used as a tool for singing. Fans are often painted with poetry, paintings, and prints on them. They reflect the elegant taste of the literary scholars, and their artistic values far exceed their practical functions. In the fan paintings collected by the Yangzhou Museum, the works of Chinese calligraphers and painters have dominated the mainstream with their unique characteristics.
This time, we have selected 60 fan art pieces to highlight the artistic features of the Yangzhou school during the Qing Dynasty. These artworks display the elegance of ancient literati through themes including landscape, flora and fauna, poetry, poetry, and narrative stories, on materials such as paper, silk, and gold.