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Auspicious Land
Exhibition Venue: Main Hall Gallery 1
Exhibition Dates: 2018-10-13 ~ 2018-10-28
Gansu was one of the key areas that the ancient Silk Roads ran through. After 8000 years, our ancestors who toiled on this land used their sweat and wisdom to create crafts such as sachet embroidery, dough modeling, brick carving, sacrificial ceremony, shadow puppetry, hua・er singing , thangka, and waist knives.

Hua'er singing, and Huan County Daoqing Shadow Puppetry were both listed as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Apart from this, sachet embroidery has also been listed as one of the 68 Intangible Cultural Heritages of China.

This exhibition aims to showcase the wisdom of the ethnic minorities of Gansu and present treasured Chinese culture. This is done in the hopes to boost cultural exchange between China and Taiwan.