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Brilliant Porcelain
Exhibition Venue: Main Hall Lobby
Exhibition Dates: 2019-03-24 ~ 2019-06-23
Brilliant Porcelain
- Kinmen Ming-Qing and Contemporary Porcelain Collection

Kinmen, the hometown of Kaolinite

The Kinmen County Cultural Park upholds the spirit of cultural collections, implements the purpose of the folk museums to inherit the culture of Minnan, explores the characteristics of cultural industries, enhances cross-strait cultural exchanges and creates the activities of the new era of Golden Gate art, and promotes the development of Kinmen history, culture and art. The series of activities enriched the museum collection. The theme of blue and white porcelain was combined with the only official kiln in China - Kinmen Ceramics Factory to handle the 108th Blue and White Porcelain Art Exchange Exhibition at the Foguangshan Buddha Memorial Hall, in order to enhance the artistic and artistic connotation of the museum, enhance the exchange of art and culture, and then market. Golden Gate.

The term Kaolinite is derived from the gray-white clay produced in Gaoling Village, northeast of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, China. It has special value due to its fine grain, white color and chemical stability.

The mother rock of Kinmen Island is granite, which is easily converted into kaolin by weathering; the ceramic materials such as porcelain, feldspar and quartz in Kinmen are rich in reserves, which is beneficial to the development of ceramic art. YuanKinmen porcelain soil is excellent in texture and natural conditions. The government cooperates with the development of Kinmen kaolin and promotes industrial development and prosperity of local economy. In the 52nd year of the Republic of China, the Kinmen Ceramics Factory was established. It is the only official kiln in the Republic of China. The place where ceramic crafts gathers is dazzling in the artistic performances such as white-green flowers, fighting colors, floating colors, engravings and crystal glazes. Among them, blue-and-white porcelain is the most stable, most promising and most futuristic. In addition, Kinmen has a large artistic population, talentedness and high cultural density. The sages have spared no effort in bringing the younger generations to the forefront. In the international arena, there are not many people in the international arena. In particular, both the official and the private sector can attach importance to artistic development and exchanges, making Kinmen an important art center in Asia.