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The Human Buddha
Exhibition Venue: Main Hall Art Walkway
Exhibition Dates: 2019-05-11 ~ 2019-06-02
The Human Buddha - 2019 Buddha’s Birthday Exhibition

For the past few years, Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum has been making consistent efforts in educating the public. Each year, the Buddha Museum holds a variety of exhibitions, as well as academic workshops to promote international and cultural exchanges. This year, in order to celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday, the Buddha Museum holds “The Human Buddha - 2019 Buddha's Birthday Exhibition.” Visitors can have an insight to the life of the Buddha through the exhibition. The Buddha was born, lived, and attained enlightenment in the human world. He is like a light in the long darkness, and a guiding boat in the ocean of suffering. The animated film lasted nearly nine minutes, blending aesthetics with the Buddha’s spirit. We hope that the audience can see how Venerable Master Hsing Yun used different medias to interpret the Buddha's life and kept up with time in the work of Dharma propagation.