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After A Thousand Miles
Exhibition Venue: Main Hall Gallery 4
Exhibition Dates: 2019-05-04 ~ 2019-08-04
“After A Thousand Miles - Hsu Wen-Jung World Exhibition Tour” held in May this year was the fruit of Hsu's one-year residency at the Buddha Museum. Despite the twists and turns of life, Hsu remained a child at heart. From his work we can see the artistic conception of Chinese poets conjoined with the beauty of cursive script. A Thousand Miles begins at the Buddha Museum. A Thousand Miles symbolizes Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s spirit of Dharma propagation through his One-Stroke Calligraphy. Journeying through the world, the exhibition will be put on display in 10 Fo Guang Yuan Art Galleries in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, and France. This exhibition tour will inspire more visitors in the creations during his residency at the Museum.