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Exhibition Venue: Main Hall Gallery 4
Exhibition Dates: 2019-11-08 ~ 2020-04-19
ANiMAL – National Palace Museum New Media Art Exhibition is a storytelling exhibition that explores the animal world through the lenses of Art, Science, Nature and Society, and an attempt to convey the complexities of the mutual reliance between humans and animals.

This exhibition is co-hosted by National Palace Museum, City University of Hong Kong, and Humanistic Culture and Education Foundation. It features animal-inspired artworks from the National Palace Museum's collection and captivating new media art created by the City University of Hong Kong. The exhibition assembles the different ways biological records were created since ancient times and marks the artistic turn in the humanistic trend of scientific exploration.

The exhibition also flags today's growing threats to animal life posed for example by climate change, environmental degradation, population growth, wars, poaching and cross-species virus transmission. Most importantly, the insights provided in the field of Animal Studies have increased our respect for animal sentience, acknowledging their ability to perceive and feel things, and hopefully changing our behavior accordingly.

The narrative artery that runs through this exhibition is also expressed materially in its design, both delineate and bind together the four main chapters offered the visitor in this journey of engagement through the Exhibition Gallery:
*Encyclopedia, compendia and scientific inquiry
*Auspicious symbols and homophonic puns
*Mythical creatures and bestiaries from fantasy to manufactory and the popular imaginary
*The harmony and disharmonies of animal and nature