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Fifth Moon Group Exhibition
Exhibition Venue: Main Hall Gallery 3
Exhibition Dates: 2020-01-18 ~ 2020-02-23
The Fifth Moon Group, a group of pioneers in Taiwanese artistic field, is celebrating its 64th anniversary and passing on a long and glorious tradition. Since its establishment in 1956, it has nurtured many creative and modern artists in local Taiwan, such as Liu Kuo Sung, Chen Ting Shih, Yang Ying Feng, and Chuang Tse. They have developed a unique and distinctive style that integrates elements from both East and West, and has promoted creativity in Taiwanese artistic field, inducing changes in style from conservative to a rich and modern one. Being an active artistic group for over 60 years, the Fifth Moon Group is deemed to have an irreplaceable position and most influential in Taiwanese art field.

The Fifth Moon Group holds exhibitions home and abroad, and hopes to promote art on the international stage. In September 2018, the group held a joint exhibition at the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art in Las Vegas, which was well received from the local art scene.

Over the years, members of the Fifth Moon Group have strived to keep up with the times, and through innovations and making adjustments, they have made steady developments. The works are exhibited every year with outstanding results. To commemorate its 64th anniversary, this year’s exhibition is held at the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, which is an important platform for art and cultural exchanges in southern Taiwan. The Buddha Museum, which was completed in 2011, is a museum which propagates Humanistic Buddhism through arts and culture. The Buddha Museum attracts visitors from more than 100 countries each year. It also spreads Buddhist culture and art to Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and China through cooperation and exchanges. It is also a well-known art center in Kaohsiung that produces good quality exhibitions.

Director Venerable Ru Chang has an in-depth study of the history of Chinese and Western arts and acknowledges the importance of the Fifth Moon Group in the history of Taiwanese art, and has thus arranged this joint exhibition. Members of the Fifth Moon Group will connect with art lovers in southern Taiwan with high quality creations. We look forward to your comments and feedbacks.

Participating Artists:
Kuo Tung Jung, Ch'en Ching Jung, Cheng Ch'iung Chüan, Huang Chao Fang, Chang Shu Mei, Wu Liu, Wang Kao Pin, Ch'en Yüan Ch'eng, Kuo Chang Ts'ung, Lan Jung Hsien, Ch'en Cheng Hung, Yü Shen Ku, Chang Chao K'ai, Su Tsung Hsiung, Wang Ch'un Hsiang, Wang Ch'iung Li, Chien Chih Hsiung, Tai Ming Te, Lin Ts'ung Ming, Ch'i Lien, Ch'en Mei Hui, Ch'en Chün Kuang, Hsü Pin Hsiang, Wen Ch'ing Sheng, Ch'en Hsiang Ling, Lai I, Ch'iu Yü Hsin, Hsiao Wei Ch'i, Kuo Shu Li, Ch'en Wei Ch'en, Lu Ch'eng Shih, Ts'ao Wen Jui, Cheng Chih Te, Ch'en Miao Ling, Yu Hsüeh O, Tung Li, Chang Wang, Ts'ai Yung Ming, Tai Ching Huang, Hsieh Hung Ta, Chan A Shui, Lin Chi Yü, Chou Ch'en, Chiang Ch'iu Hsia, Ch'en Huan, Lin Yü Chou, Chang Ying Pin