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The Glory of Life
Exhibition Venue: Main Hall Gallery 4
Exhibition Dates: 2020-12-19 ~ 2021-03-14
Ni Chao-lung is not only a painter but also a fine arts creator, educator, art critic, and aesthetics promoter. As the first-generation fine arts educator promoting children fine arts education in Taiwan, he has devoted his life to art and education and enriched the local pure charm of Taiwan with his carving knife and paint brush.

His oil paintings are characterized by unrestrained strokes and strong colors. He established and continues to support the Taichung City Fine Art Education Society and brings energy to fine arts in central Taiwan. Ni is a fine example of an artist that uses bold colors and overall abundance, so typical of Taiwanese culture.

Ni’s works are full of vitality. His hard work and never-ending spirit are truly touching. His passion for art creation is inspiring. The traces he left in Taiwan’s art history are deep and sincere. We really appreciate that Prof. Ni provided the Buddha Museum with his splendid works to hold “ The Glory of Life - Ni Chao-Lung Retrospective Exhibition of 81 Years”. We sincerely invite art lovers to appreciate the abundant vitality in the diverse art and cultural development in Taiwan.