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Connected in Thread, Making in Efflorescence
Exhibition Venue: Main Hall Gallery 3
Exhibition Dates: 2021-01-09 ~ 2021-02-21
The contribution of female craftsmanship to the cultures of various ethnic groups in South East Asia is typically reflected in their respective weaving skills. A large number of traditional spinning wheels have been found at different sites throughout Asia. It is indicative of the contribution of women in particular, to the richness of those cultures.

In "Connected in Thread, Making in Efflorescence: Exhibition of Weaving Arts in East Asia", the Buddha Museum has sought to display the enormous contribution that women have made, notably to textile craft from different areas throughout East Asia.

The Buddha Museum is honored to collaborate with the National Museum of Prehistory from Taitung, Taiwan in presenting costumes of Taiwanese indigenous peoples, folk costumes, looms and other tools used for the weaving of traditional textiles, and the artistic value that this craft represents.