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Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum: A Must Visit during the New Year Festival


Every year, the Chinese New Year is celebrated by Chinese descendants all over the world. Here at the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, this ancient tradition is also celebrated through many activities during the month-long celebration. In this issue, we have recommended some routes for visitors so they can fully experience this event. By following the route, visitors can also collect stamps on the limited edition New Year  Map and receive a small present. Visit us and join in the New Year Festival of Light and Peace!

2018 Fo Guang Shan New Year Festival of Light and Peace
Dates: 16 February to 16 March

Suggested Itineraries
●Two Hours
Five Harmonies Pagoda→Blessing Bell of Peace (Bell Tower)→Sutra Calligraphy (Big Buddha Terrace)→  Yunnan Ethnic Clothing & Accessories Exhibition   (Main Hall Gallery 2)→Six Perfections Pagoda→Taiwanese Vegetarian Dishes (Twin Pavilions Waterdrop Tea House)

●Half Day
Route 1 (10 am - 4 pm): Five Harmonies Pagoda→Blessing Bell of Peace (Bell Tower)→Sutra Calligraphy (Big Buddha Terrace)→A Lifestyle of Chopsticks Exhibition by Lushun Museum (Main Hall Gallery 1)→Museum of Buddhist Underground Palaces→Hebei Acrobatic Show→Six Perfections Pagoda→Vegetarian Cuisine (Front Hall Waterdrop Tea House)

Route 2 (after 4 pm): Five Harmonies Pagoda→Sutra Calligraphy (Big Buddha Terrace)→Creating the World Exhibition (Main Hall Gallery 3)→Jade Buddha Shrine→Six Perfections Pagoda→Lights of Wisdom - 3D Light Show & Lantern Procession→Street Market (Fo Guang Boulevard)

*Free Guided Tours available daily. Register Online

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