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Walking with the Buddha Exhibition Feedback

The "Walking with the Buddha - Discovering the Natal Landscape of the Buddha" exhibition that is currently showing at Main Hall Gallery 2 of the Buddha Museum has been collecting visitors' feedback since its opening.

 Here are just some of the numerous feedbacks that we have collected:

· “The video clips were interesting, especially the time lapse video in section 4.”

· “I was impressed with the large timeline of the history of Buddhism.”

· “I especially enjoyed the Gandhara sculptures as well as the photos from the Marshall collection.

· “I learned a lot about the life of the Buddha, because before I came here, I honestly didn’t have any clue about his life.”

·  “I’m not a Buddhist, but going through the exhibition triggers my interest to discover more about Buddha, his life and what he teaches.”

·  "I like how the story of the Buddha was told with help from pictures, sculptures, videos, paintings and other artworks. I was mostly impressed with how the story was told with specific details and was delivered clearly to us."

·  "What I like about the exhibit is that it showcases the artifacts about the Buddha as well how detailed the tour guide was in delivering the information."

·  "I was amazed with the Ghandara sculptures. Despite the lack of technology, the sculptures were created with extreme detail. I really want to know more about the natal landscape of the Buddha."

We urge all visitors to fill out the feedback form when they visit the exhibitions as feedback helps the museum to understand what visitors want.