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Buddhist and Catholic Nuns Visit the Buddha Museum


On October 17th 2018, delegates of the “Active Contemplation and Contemplative Action -- Buddhist and Christian Nuns in Dialogue” visited the Buddha Museum. Most of the delegates are Catholic nuns with a smattering of Buddhist nuns from both the Mayayana and Theravada traditions. The delegates have attended the interfaith conference held at Fo Guang Shan from November 14th to 18th to learn and share ideas between the two religions. 

Before the tour, the delegates were greeted and briefed by Venerable Ru Chang, Director of the Buddha Museum. During the meeting, the ideals behind the Museum’s construction by Venerable Master Hsing Yun were explained in detail. The delegates were impressed by the facilities of the Museum, from the availability of the ATM and money exchange at the Front Hall, to the gentle sloping layout of the place. 

More than one delegate expressed admiration for the design and creativity of the museum facilities. They enjoyed themselves at the Children’s Gallery in the Two Assemblies Pagoda and were impressed with the creative mechanism at the Avalokitesvara Shrine. They were also surprised by the professionalism of the Fo Guang Ladies who were given proper training as museum staff.

Dr. Simone Sinn from the World Council of Churches remarked, “I am deeply impressed how the "Humanistic Buddhism" of Fo Guang Shan Monastery provides real empowerment for Buddhist monastic women. They thrive in their leadership roles, in the organisation in Taiwan as well as in their branches abroad. Their confidence, clarity and energy are so tangible, both in their contemplation as well as in their action. In the spirit of receptive interfaith encounter, we can let ourselves be inspired by these women, and their practice.”