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What Our Volunteers Have to Say

Nathan Dieckhaus, United States

I volunteer because it gives me a chance to serve and learn how to better serve the needs of other people. Working with the International Affairs Team has allowed me to speak to various people from different places and learn about their lives. This education will hopefully allow me to become a better person and enable me to continue to help others to the best of my ability.


Three months ago I was very lucky to be able to join the International Affairs Team. For me, I enjoy introducing the Buddha Museum, which is like my second home, to foreigners. Each time I give an introduction, they are always so grateful, like they finally found the right direction in the Buddha Museum. This service is nothing to me but it means a lot for foreign visitors! I feel thankful and full of joy during this time.


It is my pleasure to volunteer at the Information desk. Through the tour guide training sessions, I am able to understand what I lack and I push myself harder to learn about different cultures and the background of the Buddha Museum. I am very joyful and would like to thank the International Affairs Team for giving me chances to serve others.

Join us as a volunteer at the International Affairs Team. Meet friends from all over the world.

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