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McGill University Pre-Med Students Visit BMC


【By Lin Hsiu-Hsien】

Ten pre-medical students from McGill University in Canada, accompanied by ten students and teacher, Shiying Xu, from Shu Ren Medical School, visited and practiced Ch'an in tea art at the Buddha Memorial Center (BMC) on May 26. Practicing Ch'an in tea art is the highlight of this trip to the Twin Pagoda. Under the careful instruction of Venerable Miao Bin, the participants sat in silence with their eyes closed, relaxed their bodies and mind and focused on their breathing. After a short while, they went through the process of warming the cups, observing, smelling, rinsing, appreciating and serving the tea. The participants completed every procedure carefully and they enjoyed the tranquility of Ch'an tea, surrounded by the aroma of tea. Participants from Canada grew so fond of Tea Ch'an that they are determined to practice in the same way after they go back. The sitting in silence procedure before the practice turned out to be very helpful in daily life as well.

Florence and Djamila were communicating in French: Florence's sister practices seating in silence quite often. She found it very helpful to concentration. As a result, Florence decided to sit in silence every day from now on. Today's Tea Ch'an experience made him realized how pleasant the tea tastes after sitting in silence.

While walking along the corridor of Wind and Rain, the tour guide explained that doing Three Good Deeds is practicing humanistic Buddhism. The talking Maitreya Buddha became the best figure to take photo with. When the participants saw the statue of Prince Siddhartha, they said Happy Birthday to him as they just missed the celebration of his birthday.

All the visiting students from Canada on this trip majored in pre-medical subjects. They were in awe of the grandeur of the Buddha Memorial Center. Asthey took photos of the grand Buddha statue and the surrounding eight pagodas. They also complimented the convenience of the shopping area in the main hall, the beautiful environment consisted of modern architectures and thriving flowers and trees at the BMC. All participants appreciated the relaxing mood brought by the tranquility of the BMC. They also raised many questions, hoping to learn more about the Buddha and Buddhism.

Bringing home Ven. Master's calligraphy work at Six Perfections Pagoda (Photo by Lin Hsiu-Hsien)

Offering tea to each other (Photo by Lin Hsiu-Hsien)

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