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LCIF Chairperson Experiences Chinese Culture at BMC


On October 19th, 2015, Joseph Preston, Chairperson of the Lions Clubs International Federation (LCIF), visited the Buddha Memorial Center accompanied by local representatives of the Lions Club. Venerable Zhiyi from the BMC Reception Team sang a song from Siddhartha The Musical to welcome them and through the Filipino musical, Venerable Zhiyi introduced the roles Fo Guang Shan play in education, culture, charity and cultivation. They visited the shrines and experienced the 4D movie, and were also impressed by the Home of Joy and Celebration at the Five Harmonies Pagoda and the One-Stroke Calligraphy exhibition at the Six Perfections Pagoda. They felt a thriving spirit within the Taiwanese community, and a intimate connection between Buddhism and Chinese culture.

Yeh Zheng-Cun, Director of the Lions Clubs International Federation in Taiwan indicated that the Buddha Memorial Center features both Buddhist and Chinese cultures. In addition, the high quality services provided by the Center are impressive. Yeh added the Lions Club in Taiwan donated a total of eight million and topped the global chart in charitable aid, marketing Taiwan successfully to the world. In turn, Preston donated eleven fire engines to Fire Bureau in Kaohsiung as a tribute to the Taiwanese.

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