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Brazilian Children of Tathagata Performs Samba at BMC

The Brazilian Children of Tathagata are recently in Taiwan for two friendly soccer matches. On 9th December, led by Venerable Jue Xuan, Vice Abbess of Templo Zu Lai in Brazil, the Children of Tathagata visited the Buddha Memorial Center. Under the guidance of Venerable Zhiyi, they visited the Six Perfections Pagoda where they learned about Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s One-Stroke Calligraphy, and watched the 4D video on the Life of the Buddha. After a meditation session at the Jade Buddha Shrine, Venerable Zhiyi shared ideas of engaging teachings into our daily lives regardless of whichever religion we adopt, and to practice refraining from harming others and to show respect to one another.

In the afternoon, the Children of Tathagata performed samba music on the second level of the Front Hall in preparation of the entrance music for the When Buddha Meets the Gods Event on the 25 December. Director Venerable Ru Chang and the five vice directors were present to give support to the team.

The Children of Tathagata educational project embarked in 2003. Volunteers and teachers are recruited for five days a week to teach the children to guitar, bakery, and soccer skills. As Brazilians are fanatic over soccer, many youths are attracted to the project and in 2004, the Fo Guang Soccer Team was established with the support of the Cruzeiro Esporte Clube. Apart from soccer lessons, youths of over 16 years old are trained to compete abroad. In addition, they are also trained in musical skills. They shall be showing their talents at the When Buddha Meets the Gods Event this year.

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