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Foreign and Local Catholic Representatives Joined the Reunion for World Peace


Santo Nino de Cebu joins the Reunion of Religious Associations for the second year at the Buddha Memorial Center. At the Great Enlightenment Auditorium, Filipino representative Mr. Nino Matillano made his speech saying, "And today's celebration is significant, because it brings all the religions to unite as one. No matter who and what they believe, according to Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the greatest religion is the one you like and believe in. We may be different in our culture, religion, and beliefs, but if we just respect and love each other, then the world peace wouldn't be an impossible mission. And in this I say, 'Long Live the Buddha!'"

Local Catholic representatives have also joined the event, among whom is Yang Yi-Hua, chancellor of St. Joseph Hospital, who expressed her compliments for a slogan advocated by Fo Guang Shan -- "Do Good Deeds, Speak Good Words, Have Good Intentions." She added that if every Taiwanese can recite this slogan every morning upon waking up, and put them into practice everyday, then the positive energy generated through reciting the slogan would be able to relieve the mistrust, hatred, and violence between people, and contribute to world peace and joy.


According to Venerable Master Hsing Yun, divisions between human beings arise from competitions. If people can stop discriminations, and instead develop mutual respect and tolerance for one another, then every God or deity is one's best religion. The objective of this reunion is thus to achieve mutual tolerance, respect, and world peace.

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