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RYE Graduation Trip at BMC


70 Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) students from United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries have learned Chinese language in Taiwan for nearly 10 months. They have learned Chinese at the language center, explored Taiwanese culture through variety of activities such as rafting and pottery making. RYE arranged this six-day graduation tour for them to leave good memory in Taiwan. Some Taiwanese students who are going to exchange overseas also join them for the tour.

During the tour, they’re involved in many activities including practice the one-stroke calligraphy at the Six Perfections Pagoda, taking photos at the Path to the Buddhahood, learn the gesture of lotus mudra and singing chant around the center.

Chou, a 17-year-old from Germany, who will return to study in Germany, expressed her awe on the woodcarving “Buddha with 500 Arhats” at the Main Hall Lobby. She is also curious on why Buddha Memorial Center holds Reunion of Religious Association on every Christmas Day. Chen Te-Chi, the RYE committee chair, held this programme in order to encourage Taiwanese youth go exploring the world as well as invite foreign youth come to Taiwan and experience Taiwanese culture. Chen believes that the world will have no conflict only if everyone understands each other’s culture. Therefore, Chen sees that learning languages as the key tool to break the gaps between each other.


Book a free guided tour at http://goo.gl/forms/HZxfhx59GH

By  BMC International Affairs Team

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