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Painting from a Western Eye


Michael Arteaga, an artist from Georgia, USA, first heard about Fo Guang Shan (FGS) from his friend who attended the International Youth Seminar on Life and Chan. This year, he attended the seminar, and then stayed on after the event to visit Taiwan. After a short trip, he returned to FGS and volunteered to make paintings, which amount to a total of 16 on different places of FGS and the Buddha Memorial Center.

Michael was influenced by his architect parents and enjoyed making drawings from a young age. As a free soul, he prefers to paint wherever he goes. Sometimes using paint, ink, markers, highlighters and even leftover coffee, his style of painting is as spontaneous as where he decides to paint. He was also generous enough to allow people to take photos of him while he worked.

He noted while he was walking around that the art showed here are skewed toward an Asian’s perspective. He wishes to make pieces of art that are as from a Westerner’s perspective as possible, so he tried to think as much like a westerner as possible while he paints. Before he left, he expressed wish to return and make more paintings. Michael enjoys meditation and with a mind of detachment, he offered all his paintings to the monastery.

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