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Exploring Jade in Buddhist Art


In Chinese culture, jade is used to craft artifacts and figurines, and represent the Confucian values of compassion, courage, justice, modesty, and wisdom. It is also adopted in the making of Buddhist artifacts and sculptures.

The Jade Buddha Shrine houses a Reclining Buddha statue carved from Burmese white jade. On two sides of the Jade Buddha statue are jade relief carvings representing the Western Pure Land and the Eastern Pure Land.

In May this year, the Jade Buddha Shrine will be holding the Public Veneration of the Tooth Relic activity to celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday from 3rd May to 16th May. Readers who are interested in the activity can sign up for the Buddha’s Birthday tour package organized by the Buddha Museum International Affairs Team.

Buddha’s Birthday Tour Package
Dates: 3rd May to 16th May 2017
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