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Through Time and Space: Celebrating the Buddha’s Birthday with Prince Siddhartha


The eighth day of the fourth lunar month is the day when Mahayana Buddhists celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday. This year, in commemoration of the Buddha’s Birthday and Fo Guang Shan’s 50th anniversary, a series of events was held in the Buddha Museum.

Public Veneration of the Buddha's Tooth Relic

From 3rd May to 16th May, the Public Veneration of the Buddha’s Tooth Relic event was held at the Jade Buddha Shrine to allow the public closer access to the Museum’s greatest treasure. The Buddha’s tooth relic housed at the Museum is one of the three extant tooth relics. This event thus was held in the hope to bring peace and harmonies to all visitors.

“Offering Flowers for 24 Solar Terms by Qi Yun” Exhibition

From April 29th through May 26th, the Buddha Museum held the “Offering Flowers for 24 Solar Terms by Qi Yun” exhibition on the first floor of the Main Hall. This exhibition reveres the Buddha through the presentations of flowers. Qi Yun, an aesthetician, arranged flowers for different solar terms in various decors.

Bathing the Buddha

According to the Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the Founder of Fo Guang Shan, bathing the Buddha purifies one’s mind and body. From May 3rd through May 16th, visitors who bathed the Buddha also sampled the fragrant soup and brought home tattoo stickers and Buddha’s Birthday pastries.

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