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Collaboration with the British Library


The British Library is known for its vast collection of printed material including books, manuscripts, journals, newspapers, magazines, prints and drawings. As a national library, they are required to keep a copy of every published book in the UK and Ireland, so their collection grows at an exponential rate every year. When it comes to taking in donated books, they have to consider its value and worth carefully. 

So it is great honor that three sets of books, the Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts both Chinese and English editions and the Fo Guang Buddhist Dictionary, all published by Fo Guang Shan were accepted into the prestigious collection of the British Library.

A meeting was arranged where Kristian Jensen, Head of Collections and Curation, officially welcomed the FGS team headed by Ven. Ruchang, Director of the Buddha Museum. 

At this meeting, The visitors from FGS were given a private showing of some precious items from the Stein Collection as well as various manuscripts from their East Asian Collection. To the delight of the staff, the visitors were immediately able to identify the artifacts and provide insightful knowledge that only those who practice and immerse themselves in Buddhism could know. 

During the presentation and talks, it was made clear that they were interested in a joint collaboration with the monastics of Fo Guang Shan to study the Buddhist scriptures that they house in their collection. 

Hopefully, Buddhist culture and the community as a whole, can benefit from this collaboration.

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