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A British Muslim Preacher’s Journey In Search of the Sacred


Hussain Makke, a British Muslim preacher, sets out in search of a spiritual solution to the crisis of modern man, seeking out various teachers with answers to life’s deepest questions and tries to record the process through producing In Search of the Sacred Film.

Hussain thinks that “depression runs rampant amongst our youth. Health is treated as a commodity. The lack of unity of different peoples has resulted in today’s rampant prejudice and discrimination. Societies have moved into the realm of scientism, becoming reliant upon materialism and disengaging from their soul. Hussain believes that the way to answer these problems is to look within and find the world of the sacred, but admits he doesn’t hold the answers himself.”

Hussain decides to embark on a journey to different parts of the world to learn from masters and teachers from all walks of life who have inspired millions. In July 2017 he joined International Youth Seminar on Life and Ch'an at Fo Guang Shan Monastery again in the hopes of answers through the gathering and teamwork of youths from different races, religions, and countries.

With his producer, Reza John Vadadi, Hussain filmed at the Buddha Museum on 1st August despite heavy rain and wind from the Typhoon Haitang. Hussain thinks that God would not change all beings until people change their minds, which is in paralleled to Buddhist teaching. In Buddhism, all beings are taught to observe their own mind and behaviors.

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