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Eight Great Events

518 International Museum Day 2018

The Eight Great Events are important instances that happened during the life of the Buddha from his birth to his parinirvana. Every year on 18 May, the International Museum Day is celebrated. This year, in conjunction with the Buddha's Birthday Celebration Event, the Buddha Museum invites all visitors to trace the steps of the Buddha on the day by visiting various designated spots, taking photos and posting them on facebook, checking in at the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum. Make sure to make the correct hand gestures and poses.

When all 8 spots have been visited and the pictures posted on facebook, visitors can go to the Front Hall and Main Hall receptions to exchange their hard work for a gift. 

The 8 spots can be found here:

Spot 1: Entering the Womb – White Elephant (Front Hall)

Spot 2: Birth – Ashoka Tree (Twin Pavilions) 

Spot 3: Renunciation – Historical Museum of Fo Guang Shan (Main Hall 1F)

Spot 4: Cultivation – Great Photo Terrace

Spot 5: Defeating Mara – Eight Pagodas Bodhi Tree

Spot 6: First Turning of the Dharma Wheel – Four Noble Truths Stupas (Main Hall 3F) 

Spot 7: Teaching the Dharma – Stories of the Buddha (Covered Walkways)

Spot 8: Parinirvana – Museum of the Life of the Buddha (Main Hall 1F)

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