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Visit by Pacific Islands Leadership Program

Pacific Islands Leadership Program (PILP) is a center of excellence for leadership development in the Pacific region.  Founded in 2013, the Pacific Islands Leadership Program with Taiwan builds on a vibrant alumni community of 122 participants from 15 countries spanning the Pacific region. In 2015, PILP participants visited Fo Guang Shan as part of this program.

On September 27th, 2018, 23 members of the program's sixth cohort from 12 countries including the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, and Marshall Islands visited the Buddha Museum with the accompaniment of the ambassador and staff members of the Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the meeting with Vice Abbot Venerable Hui Lun, the members experienced sitting meditation and learnt about the basic concepts of Buddhism.

When asked by one of the members if meditation can create psychic powers enough to move a cup, Venerable Hui Lun answered that the goal of meditation is not to attain psychic powers but to attain self awakening. Being Christians, the members showed curiosity for Buddhism and asked many questions including "why 108 strikes on the bell", and "does the number eight have any significance?" Having learnt about Buddhism and meditation, the visit was concluded with a remark of gratitute.

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