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Visit by Delegates of the 2018 Global Harbor Cities Forum

A three-day 2018 Global Harbor Cities Forum was recently held in the Kaohsiung, gathering mayors and representatives from 38 harbor cities worldwide who pledged to pursue the sustainable development of land and sea resources and build more livable and resilient environments that can cope with the effects of climate change. In the forum, participants also vowed to work more closely together and promote innovative and inclusive economies. On September 27th, delegates of the forum came to visit the Buddha Museum.

After a hectic schedule at the forum, a leisurely lull could be felt throughout the group. The guests were told of the history behind the construction of the Buddha Museum and they marveled at how such a large place could function despite it being free of charge. It was explained to them that a place like this depended on the generous donations of devotees and benefactors. At the Golden Buddha Shrine, they made an offering of candles and some ventured to pick Dharma words.

Manolo Constain Villa, a specialized professional at Columbia, remarked that he has signed up for the Buddha Museum tour upon knowledge and was impressed by the scale of the place. Touched by the serenity, he joined palms and made prayers to the Buddha. Kathy K. Sokugawa, Acting Director in Honolulu, commented on the strong management behind the Buddha Museum that allowed Buddhist culture to be continually propagated.

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