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Visit by Anchor Taiwan

On September 26th, a group of 5 people including Elisa Chiu, Founder & CEO of Anchor Taiwan, and Carlos Granados, Anchor Taiwan Fall 2018 cohort member visited the Buddha Museum. Anchor Taiwan is a global platform to grow, experience and succeed in Asia through Taiwan. They provide a flagship 30-day program, which offers industry access and cultural immersion for entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals. Carlos Granados, author of Tales of a Venture, has published a series of books about entrepreneurship endorsed by faculty members at top business schools including Harvard and Stanford.

As soon as they arrived, they were impressed by the construction of the Buddha Museum. They were received by Venerable Hui Lun, Deputy Abbot of Fo Guang Shan, at Seven Admonishments Pagoda; Venerable Hui Lun introduced the origin of the Buddhist art and the Underground Palaces to the guests. Elisa also asked how Buddhism localized during the spread to Taiwan. Venerable Hui Lun replied using When Buddha Meets the Gods event as an example to explain the influence and localization of Humanistic Buddhism in Taiwan. After the exchange, they toured around the Museum and was amazed at the idea of 48 Underground Palaces for preserving human civilization. 

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