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2018 Wenzao International Conference on Southeast Asian Studies


On 27th October, members from the International Conference on Southeast Asian Studies from Wenzao University visited the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum. The members came from 17 countries from around the world. Though it might not have been their first time in Taiwan, it was their first at the Buddha Museum. Venerable You Lu from the International Affairs Team greeted them at the Eightfold Path Pagoda and explained that here, visitors can see something very special, which are the monastics stationed at various places throughout the complex. A short video introducing the objectives of the museum was shown so they can understand the activities and events that are held here at the museum.

A short stop was made at the Six Perfections Pagoda where they admired Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s One-Stroke Calligraphy. Those that arrived early at the Big Buddha Terrace wrote their wishes on cards and hung them up on the bamboo stands located along the back. At the Sutra Calligraphy Hall, they experienced a serenity that was not felt elsewhere and were able to successfully settle down. The aim was to make sure they were aware of their surroundings even while concentrating on calligraphy writing.

Professor Wen-Pin Lin, Director and Associate Professor of the Center for Southeast Asian Languages Teaching, confessed that it was his first time at the Buddha Museum and he was impressed by how Master Hsing Yun could so successfully integrate education, culture and religion into one building complex, which easily engaged visitors with its facilities. Before the visitors left, they took a group photo to mark the occasion and conclude their visit.

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