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2019 Recap

Since its opening in 2011, the Buddha Museum has hosted this event every single year. This time, we will take you on a journey to see in detail what happens during this event.

A day before the event, guests from overseas or further areas of Taiwan arrive at Fo Guang Shan and leave their statues at the Fuhui Home for Spiritual Cultivation. One of our most special visitors is from the Basilica del Santo Niño. The statue of Santo Niño came by plane from the Philippines and has participated in this event almost every year.

Days before the event, volunteers from around Taiwan arrive and start setting up the venue. On the actual day of the event, more volunteers arrive to help cook tons of food and pack them into lunch boxes. All food and water provided at the venue on 25 Dec is free.

Apart from actual participants, scholars who specialized in folk religion and religious study converged at the Buddha Museum a day or two before the event. They came to witness firsthand the sheer size and number of audience that the museum could bring in one day.

One of the more special aspects of 2018 When Buddha Meets the Gods Event is the participation of home deities. Many devotees also wished to attend this event so a special procedure was set up where normal people could sign up for participation.

On the actual day, participants who had arrived the day before, set out from Fo Guang Shan’s Fuhui Home for Spiritual Cultivation.


Participants make their way to the Buddha Museum and arrive at around 7 am in the morning.

Here, the famous sight of the never-ending procession making their way toward the Main Hall, taken from Front Hall 2F.

The procession alight the stairs on either side of the entrance of the Main Hall.


Once there, each statue is given a special badge by a monk to announce their arrival and participation.

The statues are then placed on the stands that align along the steps at the top of the Main Hall.

After the statues are placed in their rightful order, the representative from the World Record Association will count all the statues that are present.

Since the Taoist religion takes up one third of the population in Taiwan, there are numerous temples and shrines located in each town and village. One of the Taoist traditions involves ritualistic dancing, which is dancing merged with Chinese martial arts. Apart from the costumes, face painting is also an important factor since this is how each character is recognized.

The height of the event is the Prayer Ceremony followed closely by the World Record Declaration. This year, both the Fo Guang Shan Monastery and Buddha Museum are used as venues to house these statues. We have set new world record with 3,478 statues present, the most number of statues.

After the ceremony is over, the throng of people turn around and the procession slowly make their way back to the front of the museum.

 Thus, it was another successful event this year. We hope that you can join us next year and witness this unique event yourselves.


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