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The Arrival of Augmented Reality of Buddha Museum


Charlie Chu, a leading 3D film director in Taiwan and the establisher of “Formosa 3D” mobile cinema, joins the Buddha Museum as resident artist starting from the 1st of June, 2019. During his residency, visitors can experience augmented reality (AR) at the Twin Pavilions (level 3).

Chu conducted his own search in the techniques of 3D filmmaking. In 2013, his documentary “3D Taiwan” won the World 3D Creative Arts Award, bringing the beauty of Taiwan onto the world stage. The film features the smiles of Taiwanese people, the beautiful human sentiments, and also stunning landscapes. He is currently planning to create a sightseeing AR experience for Kaohsiung.

The Buddha Museum is an international museum, that not only focuses on the combination of technology and humanities, but also promotes acticities based on culture, education and the arts. This year, Chu would be invited to give a keynote lecture at the International Book Fair in November, and the Formosa 3D mobile cinema will also be stationed in the Buddha Museum.

During his residency, Chu will present the development goals of Buddha Museum through three-dimensional images and AR (Augmented Reality). His projects include filming of the Buddha Museum, staff training in 3D film-editing, establishing the video database, and setting up the Buddha Museum as a platform for cross-straits exchange on intangible cultural heritage.

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