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2019 When Buddha Meets the Gods


The Buddha Museum was opened on the 25th of December 2011, and every year since, to commemorate this historic event, deities from a wide range of different religions are invited to come to the museum and celebrate religious harmony and enjoy a host of multi-cultural performances. Over the years, the number of religious associations participating has grown significantly and the event has become increasingly recognized by people from all around the world. This event is multi-faceted: cultural, artistic, educational, aesthetical, humanistic, religious, and international.

The theme of this year’s ‘When Buddha Meets the Gods’ was “Faith and Cultural Heritage.” Numerous Din Tao groups performed at the Great Enlightenment Auditorium, the Grand Photo Terrace and the Bodhi Wisdom Concours. Outstanding and unique presentations from, among others, 100 Taoist priests from the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple from Hong Kong, the Golden Lion Group from Wen Nei Yong Chang Temple from Taiwan, the Shih Jia Jiang group from Xin Hua Zhen Shou Temple, Taiwan and performers from the Wujia Longcheng Temple, Taiwan and the Chie Ding Ci Fu Temple, Taiwan and the group from Cebu Santo Niño Church, the Philippines.

With support from the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, the Chu-Chu market takes place simultaneously at the museum. Delicious food is handed out to the public, while vendors and artists display traditional handicrafts, creative artefacts and a wide variety of health food products.

This year, over 50,000 visitors and participants from 17 countries with thousand temples and churches joined in the festivities and all were deeply moved by the experience. International volunteers and staff members from the International Affairs Department gave on-site tours of the Museum and were able to explain the significance of the museum as a whole, and this unique event in particular. Deleuse, from Germany, shared that experiencing the harmony and integration between all these different religions so intimately, was the highlight of his entire tour of Taiwan this year.

Mr. George Nazarene Villam from Cebu Santo Niño Church, Philippine, addressed “Amitabha” (A Buddhist symbol) at the beginning, and shared that the world is as one. Through this event, everyone can thus experience the integration of religion, harmony of people, exchange of culture, and peace of world.

The event-as-a-whole can be seen as a prayer for national prosperity, spiritual purity, social harmony, and freedom from calamities. We hope that through mutual respect and tolerance, we can achieve equality and world peace.

For those who have missed the event, one can catch the highlights at

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