This Year's Highlights

As a preventive measure against the COVID-19 epidemic, we would like all visitors to abide by the following policies before entering the Museum: wear face masks, take body temperature, do not eat or drink outdoors, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, do not bring in outside food or drinks, and keep your mobile phone switched on at all times.

This year, the Buddha Museum is also featuring “Boundless Treasure” Installation Art, a gigantic outdoor installation put up on display at the Rhinoceros Area near to the Four Givings Pagoda. The installation is named after Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s One-Stroke Calligraphy “Boundless Treasure”, and is designed for the entire family – adults can read in the quiet corner, while children can enjoy themselves with the slide.

This year, the Bell Tower is also opened for visitors. As the sound of the bell is thought to carry into the underworld, it is struck to get rid of afflictions in this world. Be sure to strike the bell as the Bell Tower is only open to visitors during the New Year Festival each year.