Pre-Arrival Tips

  1. Visiting Hours
    1. Monday to Friday: 9 am - 7 pm (Main Hall closes at 6 pm)
    2. Weekends & public holidays: 9 am - 8 pm (Main Hall closes at 7 pm)
    3. Museum is closed every Tuesday, except 4 April, 16 May, and 7 November.
  2. Free guided tours available on
  3. Free Parking
    1. Small vehicles: Parking lots available beside the Information Tower.
    2. Heavy vehicles: Parking lots available at the main entrance.


Dining options at BMC include the buffet at the second floor of the Front Hall and various Tea Houses around BMC. Visitors can sample different kinds of vegetarian cuisines at each Tea House, uniquely equipped with various menus and beautiful sceneries.

For more details, contact 886+7-656-3033
Shopping Center

Shopping Center is a place with comfortable atmosphere, including books, flowers, coffee and Chinese food.
Come here and let your mind calm down.
Tel: 886+7-656-3033 ext. 4358
Front Hall Tea House

This Tea House is near the entrance of the Front Hall. Recommended dishes include Lima Bean Noodles, Fried Rice, and Taiwanese-style Cold Noodles.
Tel: 886+7-656-3033 ext. 4018
Buffet @ Front Hall 2F

This is an all-you-can-eat buffet with one meal ticket. The buffet includes ten kinds of dishes and two kinds of soups, which is cheap and delicious.
Tel: 886+7-656-3033 ext. 4021
Twin Pavilions Tea House

The Twin Pavilions is an golden structure set beside a pond. Meals include noodles in soup, fried noodles, fried rice, flaky scallion pancake and many different side dishes.
Tel: 886+7-656-3033 ext. 4335
Camphor Grove Tea House

This Tea House provides a rice and a noodle dish each day, and customers can pay any price they like after the meal as a donation. The simple tea house is an unusually warm place to dine in.
Tel: 886+7-656-3033 ext. 4062
Fo Guang Building Tea House 1

This Tea House is the only restaurant under a Buddha statue in Taiwan. Many kinds of food such as Chinese food, noodles, rice, dishes, pizza, hamburgers and pancake are provided.
Tel: 886+7-656-3033 ext. 4300
Available for loan at the information desks in the Front and Main Halls. You would be asked to leave your basic information and contact numbers.
Audio Devices
English audio devices are available at the Museum of Buddhist Underground Palaces in the Main Hall. You would be required to produce your identification cards for loan at the reception counter.
Available for children under 10 kg. You may register at the information desk in the Front Hall by leaving your basic information such as name, phone numbers, and identification cards. Also available for use at the information desk at the Main Hall. Registration is not required for loan at the Main Hall.
Nursing Rooms
1. Front Hall: Available for use with registration at the information desk. You would be required to register your name and phone numbers with identification.
2. Main Hall (Second floor): Available for use at all times. Registration is not required. The baby changing table is also available for visitors at the pantry on the first floor.

    Tel:+886-7-656-3033 Fax:+886-7-656-5165Email:
    Add: No. 1, Tongling Rd, Dashu, Kaohsiung 840, Taiwan