Interview of International Volunteer—Ayana Boodha

Bridging the World

Bridging Borders: Interview of International Volunteer—Ayana Boodha
Text | Buddha Museum International Affairs Department

The Buddha Museum has upheld Fo Guang Shan Founding Master—Ven. Master Hsing Yun's vision of "Spreading Buddhism throughout the world, not seeking personal comfort" ever since it was open to the public.  Over the years, it has drawn in numerous international volunteers, all welcomed with open arms. In this article, we will introduce Ayana Boodha, an international volunteer from Saint Lucia, an island country of the West Indies in the eastern Caribbean.

Pic | Ayana introducing Buddhist Plant Personality Test

Here is her sharing: “My name is Ayana, and I currently serve in the International Affairs Department of the Buddha Museum. My first visit to the museum was during an outdoor educational trip. I was instantly captivated by the serene and harmonious atmosphere of the Buddhist Botanical Gardens, which led me to decide to return as a volunteer. Among the museum's architecture, the Wall of Benefactors impresses me most. To unfamiliar visitors, it appears as an ordinary wall adorned with Chinese characters. However, as I came to understand the meanings behind those characters, the wall was brought to life. While assisting visitors, many approach me for conversations, and I enthusiastically engage with them using my limited Chinese language skills. Through volunteering, I have gained experience in teamwork, promoting activities and maintaining exhibitions through volunteering. What brings me even greater joy is that I have made good friends with a fellow intern Kelly. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a volunteer, which allows me to serve many people.”

The Buddha Museum invites volunteers from all cross the world. To join us, please visit our website.