Religious Route

A Meeting with the Buddha-Religious Route

Whether you are a Buddhist or not, you can feel the blessings of the Buddha here. The entire complex of the Buddha Museum is imbued with the essence of the Buddha's teachings, and is a subtle influence on the minds of the visitors, providing one with a rich artistic collection and intangible beauty that will bring a sense of coolness as soon as one steps inside.
The Buddha's tooth relic, the world's largest copper-cast Fo Guang Big Buddha, a replica of the underground palace at the Famen Temple in Shaanxi, the Golden Buddha gifted by Thailand's Sangharaja, the Reclining Buddha statue made from Burmese white jade, the golden kasaya from Korea, and the Thousand-Headed, Thousand-Eyed Avalokitesvara ...... are all world-class treasures that one will find in the Buddha Museum.
When one stands on the Great Path to Buddhahood, it takes one back in time and space to the Tang dynasty, with Eight Pagodas leading one to the Buddha and the Main Hall, providing one with a majestic and humbling religious experience that surpasses the ordinary museum experience.

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