A Panel Discussion Of the Buddhist Maritime Silk Road and the Great Circle of Buddhism

The Great Circle of Buddhism; the International Ocean Networks;
How ancient Chinese monks took the Maritime Silk Road to seek the Dharma?
Listen to Scholars' discussions on this heart-quaking period of history.

Chinese Panel 

Time:Taiwan Time, GMT+8  2022/7/16(Sat), 20:00~21:00
Moderator:Ven. You Xian
Panelists:Ven. Ru Chang, Prof. Hsinya Huang

Watch online:FGS Buddha Museum Youtube


English Panel

1. Live  stream
Topic:The Buddhist Maritime Silk Road Book Launch
Time:PDT 2022/7/17(Sun), 10:00~11:00
Moderator:Ven. Miao Guang
Panelist:Prof. Lewis R. Lancaster

Premiere on https://reurl.cc/2ZX0Av

2. Replay
Time:GMT 2022/7/18(Mon), 20:00~21:00
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2022/07/16 - 2022/07/17