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Buddha Museum is a cultural and educational center which is free for the general public to visit. The facilities need to be constantly maintained in order to serve the public. We welcome any amount of donation that will help to keep the Museum free for everyone to visit.

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The Fo Guang Shan online donation platform provides convenient online credit card services, supporting both regular credit cards and UnionPay cards.

Click on the button below to proceed to the Fo Guang Shan online donation website.

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Step 1 Click on "Buddha Museum"
Step 2 Select your donation item.
Step 3 Enter the amount of your donation.
Step 4 Confirm your details and select the payment method. If you need a receipt, please fill in the your contact information.
Step 5 Click "Confirm" to go to the authorization page, and confirm your donation once again. Enter the amount and credit card transaction authorization information.
Step 6 Click "Confirm Payment" and wait for the transaction to complete.

If you are unable to make an online donation, you can also do that by means of giro at your nearest post office. Please fill in the giro account number and any relevant information for a successful transfer.

Account Name Giro Accounts Donation items
Account NameFo Guang Shan Giro Accounts04632451 Donation itemsMake a light offering
Account NameHumanistic Culture and Education Foundation Giro Accounts19254842 Donation itemsSupport Buddha Museum
Support cultural & educational affairs
Support structural maintenance
Support landscape maintenance
Step 1 Go to the post office window and fill out a giro deposit slip.
Step 2 Please fill in the corresponding account number and account name.
Step 3 Please indicate your donation item in the slip.