The Museum offers a variety of services to meet the needs of visitors, ranging from guided tours to loan of Museum space.

The museum offers free guided tours for all visitors and occasions, including family gatherings, company visits, field trips and more.

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    Group tours are available free for groups of over 20 people, and are available in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, and other languages.

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The Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery, established by the Fo Guang Shan Monastery aims to promote the authenticity, virtue, and beauty of humanism through art and culture, which collectively creates a harmonious society. Fo Guang Yuan Art Galleries throughout the world provides platforms to fulfill such purposes. Applications from individuals and teams are welcome.

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The Museum offers a one-stop venue for organizers to host events while providing event guests with Museum tours, exhibitions, Buddhist cultural experiences, and vegetarian food.

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The Five Harmonies Pagoda serves as a venue for celebrations ranging from baby blessings to Buddhist weddings.

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