A series of quizzes on Maritime Buddhism

To participate in the "Braving Through the Maritime Silk Road" quizzes, please add this line friend (https://lin.ee/pdy9lNm). Upon adding this LINE friend, you may proceed with the following activities.

Activity #1 - Exhibition Quiz

To enter the exhibition quiz at Main Hall Gallery 3,  type "518" and press enter.


Activity #2 - 360-degree Tour to Maritime Buddhist Sites

Now you don’t have to get an air ticket to travel to Buddhist sites. Add this line friend (https://lin.ee/pdy9lNm), and we will take you there.

Enter the keyword “India”. A little Indian boy will introduce you 4 Buddhist sites:
1st stop: Ajanta Cave 26.
2nd stop: Vaishali.
3rd stop: Sanchi.
4th stop: Nalanda.

Enter the keyword “Sri Lanka”. Master Faxian will guide you to the Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka:

5th stop:  Abhayagiri Vihara.
6th stop:  Gal Vihara.

Answer a few simple questions and you can get to win a free Buddha Museum desktop wallpaper!

2021/05/18 - 2026/12/31