Chen Liren's Particular Exhibition

Dr. Chen Liren, a renowned Chinese-Australian artist, is internationally celebrated as a sculptor, painter, art theorist, and poet. Born in mainland China, he graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, one of China's top art institutions. He gained recognition in major art exhibitions at a young age. Thirty years ago, he pursued his studies in Australia, obtaining master's and doctoral degrees from the University of New South Wales. In recent years, he has been invited to Taiwan as a guest lecturer.

Chen Liren's works showcase his skill in sculpting bold and powerful lines, along with painting layers of vivid colors and shadows. His art reflects rich and diverse thoughts, passionate and liberated emotions, and a pursuit of the eternal essence of art driven. With more than two decades of life experience in Australia, Chen Liren seamlessly blends Eastern and Western cultural influences in his artistic creations. His goal is to pursue spiritual freedom, allowing his art to fully realize the depth of his life experiences and feelings.

2023/09/30 - 2023/12/03
Main Hall Gallery 1