DunHuang Caves Art Exhibition

The Dunhuang Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the vast desert of Dunhuang, the footprints of many great monks, as well as the glory of countless merchants and intellectuals from the past, have long been buried beneath the rolling sands. The epic grandeur of that era is now revived in Dunhuang art. To preserve Dunhuang, many artists have replicated its treasured works, and numerous individuals consider protecting Dunhuang as their mission, passing it down from one generation to the next. Behind every Dunhuang guardian, there is always a touching story. It is because of these dedicated individuals that we have a glimpse of these historical treasures.

In this exhibition, the reclining Buddha statue in Mogao Cave 158 will  be on display at the Buddha Museum.  Despite numerous challenges, the Dunhuang Academy has successfully transported the physical replica of a central pillar cave from the Dunhuang Caves to Taiwan. Additionally, a splendid offering painting, the most complete and magnificent of its kind to survive from the Mogao Caves, known as the "Homage to the Buddha", will be specially exhibited in Taiwan!

Among the remarkable artifacts is the Dunhuang Cave Manuscript, featuring the Lotus Sutra, with its first and second fascicles in their entirety. This manuscript, written on indigo paper with silver columns and gold characters, remains a method still used today. It is one of the few examples of precious manuscripts from the Dunhuang Library Cave, making it exceptionally valuable.

There are also exquisite reproductions of cave murals, featuring Jataka tales, figures, sutra illustrations, and patrons. These intricate details provide an opportunity for visitors to admire the fine artistry of Dunhuang. Moreover, the use of video technology allows viewers to virtually explore the caves, providing an immersive experience. This exhibition presents the largest and most spectacular Dunhuang exhibition in Taiwan in the past century!

2023/12/16 - 2024/07/21
Main Hall Gallery 1 & 2

Other Information

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