The Contemporary Buddhist Art of Chang Chen Yu

This exhibition calls for a "spiritual culture" during this pandemic. Chang Chen-Yu uses contemporary Buddhist art to express the concept of emptiness and other Buddhist concepts through contemporary ideas, structures, forms, and content.


In the past few years, Chang has observed how the results of scientific research has gradually proven Buddhist teachings, and how Buddhism has run ahead of science for 2,600 years. As early as 2009, Chang began to experiment science and technology with Buddhist art. Computers and the internet are indispensable life tools and communication bridges for this modern world. And at the same time they are also a kind of extension of the connection between the "virtual" and "real" worlds. The "chip", which is the essence of computer technology, has become Chang’s spiritual bridge between Buddhism and the phenomenal world. And it is also an element that often appears in his recent works.


In terms of form and style, Chang has developed from full-body images of Buddhas to facial portraits, a series he named “facebook”. In Buddhism, the six senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind) that are in contact with the outside world are all on the face, and thus they can best express one’s mind and thoughts. Similar to the contemporary French philosophy of “mise en abyme”, a face, while it is a surface, is an endless abyss containing innumerable possibilities. Using his unique wisdom, Chang directly puts focus on the "face" as the matrix of his contemporary art. Hence his work is named "facebook". His creations combine “quantum mechanics”, Buddhism, contemporary art, and science as one.


Chang uses his art as a contemporary interpretation of the bodhisattva path. In terms of practice, he expresses the compassion of “helping oneself and helping others" by seeking the Dharma inwardly, initiating an awakening mind, and practicing the Bodhisattva path. Chang Chen-Yu’s contemporary Buddhist artworks are products of his lifestyle, spiritual practice, and art creations. Visitors are urged to explore the profound meaning of his artworks, which shine like a bright moon in the night sky.

2021/08/28 - 2021/10/31