Chen Chi-Tsun Sculpture Exhibition

Introduction of the Artist

Chen Chi-Tsun's achievements in both traditional wood carving and modern artistic creation are important assets to the art field in Taiwan. Chen Chi-Tsun became a disciple under Master Lin Yishui of the Fuzhou school, learning traditional wood carving of Buddhist images at the age of 14, mastering the skill at the age of 18. He states, "Being a disciple is not only about learning the skills, but also about training the mind.” His master has not only passed down the skills of wood carving, but also the connection between master and disciple, which cannot be easily replaced anywhere.

His wood carvings are based on traditional wood carving techniques and western art, incorporating modern drawing and painting techniques, contemporary sculpture and modern aesthetic theories. His exquisite knife work expresses the characters' expressions, clothes, and postures. The blending of the aesthetic characteristics of the East and the West, shows the symbols of traditional and modern craftsmanship.

Concept of Exhibition

In 2015, the Tainan City Government registered Chen Chi-Tsun as a woodcarver who preserves the traditional crafts of Tainan City. In 2019, he was awarded the "Taiwan Wood Carving Achievement Award" by the San Yi Wood Carving Museum of the Miaoli County Government. In 2020, he was titled a "National Living Treasure" by the Ministry of Culture. In the same year, he received the "National Craft Achievement Award", the highest praise and recognition from both traditional and modern crafts. This year, the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum holds “Brilliance—Chen Chi-Tsun Sculpture Exhibition” to look back on the many awards and honors titled to the artist.

This exhibition shows over 70 works of Chen Chi-Tsun created at different periods: traditional wood carvings, classic wood carvings, modern wood carvings, and original manuscripts of masterpieces. This exhibition includes collections from museums around Taiwan, including: National Center for Traditional Arts, Chimei Museum, Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum in Miaoli County, as well as collections from famous collectors. The number and scale of its works are the largest in history.

2021/12/05 - 2022/03/06
Main Hall Gallery 4