R.E.A.D.ing with Dogs

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R.E.A.D.ing with Dogs

We know that animals can be beneficial. Specially selected and trained dogs, because of their calm and placid natures, are used to help children to improve their reading capability.

Here are four reasons reading to dogs may benefit kids.

1. Reading to a dog may improve reading abilities, specifically reading fluency.
2. For children who experience reading as an activity that makes them feel “clumsy and uncomfortable”, adding a dog can create an environment of “happiness and safety.”
3. Children participating in “R.E.A.D.ing with Dogs” show an increase in their enjoyment of reading and motivation to read overall, even when a dog isn’t present.
4. Reading to a dog can improve the child’s confidence in areas outside of reading, such as increasing involvement in school activities and decreasing absenteeism.

In 2019, the Buddha Museum collaborated with the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology in the activity “R.E.A.D.ing Life with Dogs” during the International Book Fair and Vegetarian Expo. This year, both parties are cooperating for the third time in “R.E.A.D.ing with Dogs”. It will be held at Seven Admonishments Pagoda from 10am to 3pm on the 6th of November, 2021. It is hoped that through this activity, children can develop affection for both reading and animals.

Sign up online: https://glimpse.link/l/OjUpaTa