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Since 1977, ICOM has organized International Museum Day (IMD) every year. Participating museums plan creative events and activities related to the IMD theme. The theme for this year is "The Power of Museums", including the power of achieving sustainability, the power of innovating on digitalization and accessibility, and the power of community building through education.

How does the Buddha Museum transform the world through its power? First of all, since its opening in 2011, the Buddha Museum has made efforts to achieve 9 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set up by the United Nations. Secondly, the Buddha Museum's innovation on digitalization and accessibility is displayed through the Buddhist Maritime Silk Road exhibition which uses new media technology to reproduce the historical and cultural process of the Buddhist maritime silk road. Lastly, during the New Year Festival in 2022, the Buddha Museum set up a bridge with people around the world through the “Top Ten Treasures” voting activity.

In celebration of this year's International Museum Day, from May 7th to May 18th, the Buddha Museum launches a series of activities to demonstrate her power as a museum. This year, all Waterdrop Teahouses in the Buddha Museum continue to serve the special Buddha’s Birthday Meal. According to recent research, compared with diets that include meat, vegetarian and/or vegan diets are found to be more sustainable as they produce 49.6% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, require 26.9% less energy for food production, and have a 41.5% smaller environmental footprint. Healthy and low-carb vegetarian food will bring people more “sustainable power”. Activities such as Bathing the Buddha, and Sutra Transcription, display the Museum’s power of community building through education. The Buddhist Maritime Silk Road exhibition shows innovation on digitalization and accessibility, and provides an immersive experience that leads the audience into the "metaverse" era ahead of time.

In addition, the Buddha Museum launches a board game activity. There are 10 carefully selected stations, allowing participants to experience the Buddha Museum’s Powers. Each station has a hidden mission. Participants can get to draw a lucky prize upon completion, and everyone will get to win a prize!

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