New Year Festival of Light and Peace

Every Chinese New Year, Fo Guang Shan hosts the New Year Festival of Light and Peace as well as the Light Offering Dharma Service, while its branch temples around the world host the latter, in the hope to provide the opportunity to light up the devotees' own light of compassion and wisdom.

Venerable Master Hsing Yun's New Year greetings to the public in 2024 is "May You Be Free as Cloud and Water, Auspicious and Joyful."

New Year Festival Activities

1. New Year Prayer Ceremony 
Date: 02/10(Sat) - 02/14(Fri)
Time: 10:30
Venue: Jade Buddha Shrine

2. Light Offering Dharma Service
Date: 02/24(Sat)
Time: 10:30
Venue: Golden Buddha Shrine

3. Blessing bell of Peace
Date: 02/10(Sat) - 02/14(Wed)
          02/17(Sat) - 02/18(Sun)
          02/24(Sat) - 02/25(Sun)
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Venue: Bell Tower

4. Sutra Calligraphy 
Date: 02/10(Sat) - 03/09(Sat)
Time: 9:00 -17:00
Venue: Big Buddha Terrace

5. "Light Shines on the Universe" Prayer Ceremony
Date and Time: 02/10(Sat) - 02/14(Sun) 19:00, 20:00
                         02/15(Thurs) - 02/23(Fri) 19:00, 19:30 
Venue: The Great Path to Enlightenment

For specific dates and timings, please refer to the notice board at the Buddha Museum.

★ In the Year of the Dragon, may a sense of ease, peace, and joy be with you wherever you are, whenever you need. ★

2025/01/29 - 2025/02/16
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New Year Festival of Light and Peace