Family Route

A Fun Trip for the Whole Family-Family Route

The Buddha Museum currently occupies an area of fifty hectares, a vast space that serves not only as a religious shrine but also as a good spot for families and children to experience a combination of Buddhism and technology. Jetavana Grove is an ecological park with butterflies and mallards. The Life Protection Murals along the outer walls of the covered walkways are great fun for parents and children to learn about life together.
In addition, families can go to the Avalokitesvara Shrine and pray to Avalokitesvara for Great Compassion Water. When Sudhana and Naga Girl receive the blessings from Avalokitesvara, they will pour the water from the prayers and bring them to the visitors.

Top Attractions

Two Assemblies Pagoda|Children's Gallery

3D Theatre

Four Givings Pagoda

Children’s Corner

Jetavana Grove

Butterfly Trail