Romantic Route

An Encounter with Happiness-Romantic Route

Is the Buddha Museum a solemnly religious place? No, instead the Buddha Museum is a good place for lovers to take a stroll. For couples who have decided to grow old together, they can have their wedding ceremony at the Five Harmonies Pagoda or have their wedding ceremony in a special way. The Buddha never objected to normal family relationships, so when the new couple and their families come to the Buddha Museum, it will seem as if pink bubbles are rising in the Buddha Museum, making it even more romantic than ever.
The Jetavana Grove, decorated with flowers such as peonies, roses, and hydrangeas symbolizing romance, is a special place for wedding photography.
The Five Harmonies Pagoda celebrates many weddings every year, and in the presence of the Buddha, many couples tied the knot. Couples are welcome to register their weddings at the Five Harmonies Pagoda, where they will receive the Buddha's blessings.

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